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Whether you are on your toes, hitting the tracks or pounding the pavement, your feet take the brunt of it every day. Now you can give those barking dogs some extra special TLC with Topricin® Foot Therapy. Perfect for all kinds of foot pain. Whether exercise, overuse or underlying medical conditions are causing the problem, this non-greasy, no smell, fast absorbing formula even treats dry, cracked skin commonly found on the feet.

And what better way to pamper tired, aching feet than with targeted Topricin� Foot Therapy Cream?

2 oz Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream
4 oz Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream
8 oz Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream

Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream is specially formulated to effectively and naturally treat foot and ankle pain. Paraban FREE with no petroleum or irritating chemicals. Bring the swelling down and stop that pain fast by stimulating the body’s desire to heal the damage that is causing the pain.

How does it work? Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream drains toxins and fluids in an injured area, improving blood flow to the injured tissue. Fast. Effective. Odorless. Natural. Get your Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream today!

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